Additions and Alterations

Renovation of existing interior premises and building structure including interior design, space planning, electrical and plumbing, ceiling works, structural extensions, drainage alterations for residential, commercial and industrial properties.


Reinstatement of property to original condition, usually due to commercial and industrial lease agreement obligations. In addition to removing fittings and temporary fixtures, our reinstatement service also extends to proper disposal of all unwanted items.

Concrete and Masonry

Built on a strong foundation of craftsmanship, we offer a vast amount of quality concrete services from sidewalks, drain gutters, footings, foundations to walls and floors.

Professional Painting and paint removal

Skilled painters with techniques for all interior and exterior paint works for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Using only best applicable materials for each project, every property we work on is being treated with dedicated care without leaving residual mess behind.

Demolition, Dismantling and Disposal

Our customers may require demolition and dismantling services for several reasons, including renovating or expanding facilities. We have the technical skills and project management expertise to safely demolish and remove any structures, equipment and other building materials.

Water seepage Repair

Due to our high humidity and abundant rainfall climate, water seepage and hidden moisture problems are very common in our buildings. We conduct evaluation and detection, identify defects and recommend the best solution for each water seepage problems.

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